Let’s bring your App to life.

Great ideas need a great plan.

We think your App idea is great and have no doubt that it would be used heavily by families looking to get away from the grotty weather
and enjoy a day in the sun. 

We understand you’ve had this idea for about 18 months and experimented with two freelance developers who stalled and didn’t produce results.

Your App
features overview

The main feature of your app is allowing users to see the closest place to them with sunny weather. All other features will be set to support that.


There are a number of features that will need to be developed to make the app functional and provide a solid user experience:

1 | Sign up

2 | Login

3 | Onboarding

4 | Geolocation tracking

5 | Maps integration 

6 | Link to Google / Apple Maps

This is a very high-level list. We will draw up a more detailed specification if the costs are acceptable to you.

The Process & Timescales

The process is outlined below.

Week 1  |  detail specification

We know the rough plan and what the app needs to do. We will have a detailed discussion and nail this down.

Week 2  |  design & flow

Next, we’ll get working on what’s known as wireframes. These are basically pencil drawings of your app. We do this so we (yourself and us) can focus on the structure and flow of the app rather than worrying about colours and styles.

Once we have this agreed, we start to add colour and the branding.

Week 3  |  app store registration

We will likely do this sooner but it won’t be done any later than this stage.

Weeks 4 – 9  |  development

At this point, we go quiet and just get on with making it.

The spec is nailed down, the design and screens are all agreed, it’s just a small case of “making it work”.  (If only it were always that easy!)

Week 10  |  testing

Testing is vital. People rarely give an app a second chance. We test vigorously. Not just whether button A does what it’s supposed to, but testing on other people. It’s about making sure that everything works as it should and that the natural flows we want to occur are natural to random people the first time they play with it.

Week 11  |  store submission

When we’re ready and you’re happy, we submit it to your relevant market place. We will help you prepare all the marketing material needed like screenshots and descriptions for the listing. If there are any issues, we will refine them and re-submit until we get approval.

If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

Let’s Get Started