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By bringing in like-minded managed IT service providers we’re building a national network that can provide exceptional levels of service to our clients.

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Whizfortune Careers

Job Positions at Whizfortune

Web Designer

We seek a seasoned visual architect to translate complex concepts into intuitive and engaging user interfaces. Your mastery of UI/UX principles and collaboration with developers will craft the digital face of Whizfortune.

Android Dev.

We require developers who can build high-performance, innovative mobile applications that push the boundaries of the Android platform. Your passion for clean code and user-centric experiences will shape the future of our mobile offerings.

iOS Dev.

We invite an experienced iOS developer to craft robust and delightful iOS apps that captivate users. Your expertise in Swift and Xcode, along with your collaborative spirit, will contribute to our mobile app portfolio’s success.

PPC Expert

We seek a data-driven strategist to orchestrate winning paid advertising campaigns across multiple platforms. Your ability to analyze data with precision and optimize for maximum ROI will fuel Whizfortune’s online presence.

Graphic Designer

We value a branding storyteller who can translate Whizfortune’s vision into impactful visual narratives. Your mastery of brand language and ability to craft captivating visuals will elevate our brand identity across all touchpoints.

Social Media Marketer

We invite a community architect to build and nurture thriving online communities around Whizfortune. Your data-driven approach to content strategy and ability to stay ahead of the curve will drive engagement and brand awareness.

SEO Executive

We require an SEO maestro to navigate the ever-evolving search engine landscape and ensure Whizfortune’s content ranks prominently. Your expertise in keyword research, link building, and SEO best practices will be instrumental in our digital visibility.

Business Development Executive

We seek a strategic relationship builder to identify and cultivate new partnership opportunities. Your deal-making prowess and network building skills will fuel Whizfortune’s expansion and success.

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