E-Commerce Web Development

We are all now acutely aware of the advantages of e-commerce, and its increasing significance. It has become part of our everyday life…we order everything from food, clothing, and groceries, to home appliances and on-demand entertainment. Furthermore, we conduct internet banking, manage our insurance policies and arrange our medical prescriptions online – E-commerce has become so pervasive that it’s difficult to imagine life without it.

Online retail has grown at an unprecedented rate and the number of online buyers globally is estimated to hit 2.14 billion this year! Shoppers are switching to e-commerce platforms due to their convenience and the economic savings available. High speed internet connections and budget smartphones are also aiding this transition. As a business, an e-commerce website opens up a world of opportunity to you and Web Choice is right here, ready to assist you with all aspects of e-commerce website development.

The first step is to engage a new audience with a carefully considered, bespoke website. If you partner with us and entrust us to design and build your e-commerce website, our team of expert designers will conduct extensive market research and drive a targeted audience to your new e-commerce website.

Listed here are the key advantages of e-commerce websites:

  1. You can reach a wide range of customers from across the globe.
  2. Near instant feedback on your products and services, this in turn helps to improve your ranking with search engines.
  3. Sellers and consumers can quickly communicate with each other, helping to reduce bounce rates.
  4. You can convey detailed information relating to the products you sell and you can describe your brand’s story via strategically placed consumer content.
  5. Consumers save time, instantly navigating to the exact product they are looking for on your e-commerce website.

Why should you choose Web Choice to design and build your e-commerce website?


–  With Whizfortune on board, you will benefit from mobile responsiveness and bespoke marketing packages, all helping to deliver the growth you’re looking for.

–  Our highly experienced web designers and developers create end to end e-commerce solutions. Effective communication, workflow automation, financial transaction management, content management, shopping cart device integration, and payment gateway integration are all areas in which we specialize in.

–  Our website development team designs and builds beautiful e-commerce websites with a wide range of web design services on offer, including high-performing landing pages that convert browsers into buyers.

–  We can tailor our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and packages to your exact requirements, evaluating and developing effective email campaigns.

–  We implement responsive web design across all platforms and devices, ensuring the very best user experience for everyone that visits your site.

–  Whizfortune provides full hosting services & domain name registration for your business.

Effective e-commerce website development is more important than it’s ever been, as now with the wide use of smartphones, anyone can shop, at any time, from anywhere. E-commerce really is the future, and the future is here…

How to establish your E-Commerce business

  • Your journey into the world of online trading begins with the creation of a high quality e-commerce website.
  • The next step is for your website development team to ensure that your website looks great and performs well on all devices.
  • Now you can start listing your products and services. Some research here will help you ascertain how competitive your prices are and who your major competition is.
  • It should be quick and easy to make a purchase on your site. Forms should be clear and minimal, any common questions should be addressed and answered clearly.
  • Marketing for your new e-commerce site can be conducted via two main methods. There’s targeted digital advertising and email marketing campaigns. With digital marketing, ads are often placed on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Research is key here to determine where your target audience is.
  • Based on information submitted by potentially interested customers, you can prepare an email list to send out product promotions and new release events.

As we’ve established, a high-quality e-commerce website is key to the future success of your business, and your newly crafted e-commerce website will enable you to access new audiences that were previously out of reach. 

With Whizfortune by your side, you’ll have a team of expert developers ready to create the very best e-commerce experience possible. Contact us today for bespoke ecommerce website development and marketing packages that will deliver the results you need.