7 reasons your small business should start blogging

7 reasons your small business should start blogging

Getting more business online is not an option for small businesses these days – it’s a requirement. Whether you get some leads or have one-shop that’s doing a bustling business, online marketing is critical to your business success. And one of the practices you can ensure that your business gets further online leads is to be constantly blogging. Although blogs are well known nowadays, some business owners still aren’t sure what it is or is it of any value. The short version is that a blog is like an online newspaper for your small business. You write blogposts (like articles) and they appear on your website, and you can share each individual post with the world and let more people to find and read your website. In a former post, we’ve formerly mentioned some statistics about how blogging can bring you more leads.
Here are seven reasons why you need to start blogging.

Reason One

Blogging is great for SEO. One of the things that Google and the other search engines are consistently looking for is fresh, relevant, ethical content. To test this, pick a random phrase and type it into Google. No doubt the first five or six links are websites that have a recent blog post on this very topic. Blogging means that your website has fresh content, regularly – not just static pages that haven’t changed ever since you set up your website.

Reason Two

Blogging gives you something to deliver on social media. Many businesses have accounts and profiles on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Tumblr, but after the first few posts, perhaps you haven’t said anything for months. Or years. Trust me – when prospects look at your website, one of the foremost places they go is your social media links. And if those are old and outdated, and it’s obvious you’re not posting regularly, you may lose out to a rival. But when you’re blogging regularly, you have an instantaneous post to share on all your social media engines. (I would recommend HootSuite for managing all these.)

Reason Three

Blogging encourages more people to visit your website. The goal of every online marketing is to drive people to your site. If you send out an email, keep the content short and sweet, with buttons to direct people to your site. When you post a new blog, as we mentioned above, you share the link on social media, and prospects click on it and come to your website. This brings us to our next point…

Reason Four

Blogging helps you address other online marketing ‘holes’. Once you start blogging and getting more traffic to your website, you might realise a few things are missing. Maybe website traffic is increasing, but you aren’t getting more business. What does that say? Well, to me it means your site needs a review or a revamp or even a complete overhaul. You should have signed up forms, good imagery (custom if possible), relevant content of interest, free downloads, social media connections, and more. When visitors come to your site, you want them to stay.

Reason Five

Blogging draws in the right kind of customers. When you blog, you’re writing about things that you (and perhaps only you) know about. A bakery can blog about new recipes or a wedding photographer about great ideas for brides. (Or a digital marketing agency like Parachute could get a guest blogger to write about the power of blogging!) So, the people who read your blog are the ones who are interested in you, your business, and your products. It helps eliminate those who are not your type of customer. This leads us to…

Reason Six

Blogging helps you establish expertise. No matter the type of business you are in, you’re most probably an expert in something. And when you start sharing what you know, the world gets impressed. Think about world-famous conference speakers. They may not be known by everybody in the world, but they will definitely be known by their market.

Reason Seven

Blogging keeps you focused on marketing. It’s all overly easy to get lost in a world of customers, trades, products, emails, phone calls, accounts and taxes, and all the particular of running your own business.
But if you set a goal of writing a short blog every week, you’ll begin to pay just a little bit more attention to your marketing, and the result will always be more business. Happy blogging!

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