Do you believe in the power of digital advertising?

Do you believe in the power of digital advertising?

Driving forward is what we all strive for, especially after a gruelling few slow months. Are your ads still performing? Being able to keep your audience captive is a noteworthy achievement.

Choosing the suitable platform for your brand and product can be tricky and somewhat challenging. Still, we might be capable to upgrade it down to the choice that best suits you.

#1 Facebook went through its trials (literally) and swamped each hurdleHoweverdo we still put all our faith in Facebook? Let’s see.

When it comes to social advertising, it is truly the most evolved and in-depth platform. Most marketers believe that when it comes to digital advertising, this channel is the most effective. Here are some reasons why we might feel inclined to agree,

  • Over a billion daily active users
  • Instant increase in marketing results
  • Facebook ads suitable for small or large businesses
  • Highly customizable audience targeting
  • Constant new features added
  • Not limited to the one social network

Taking these simple facts into consideration, it is easy to see why most businesses consider Facebook as their first option.

It would also be good to remark that since Instagram has been held over by Facebook, this aesthetically visual platform now benefits from multifold of the same marketing qualifications. Meaning your ads are reaching a larger userbase as well as having the power to retarget customers.

#2 Twitter is mostly thought to be used for online news and political updates, with an undefined future.

Why do some people choose Twitter over others? Twitter is a platform that people generally do not consider as their number one option. Why you may ask. Mainly because it is not the most cost-effective platform to use for running your ads. However, depending on your brand/ product, you may just benefit from using Twitter ads for the following reasons.

We’ve outlined some considerable factors on why Twitter could be the one for you,

  • Keyword and Hashtag specific targeting
    Find the most relevant hashtags or keywords when searching for your brand and add these to your campaign set-up.
  • Engagement Targeting
    Have the ability to retarget and engage with an audience that may previously have come across your Twitter ads and not taken an action.
  • Tailored Audiences
    Unlike FB custom audiences, on Twitter to get a large number of users seeing your ads you only need a Twitter user handle.

#3 When LinkedIn first came out, we were rather sceptical. Will it succeed? Will it continue to grow? However, here we are with LinkedIn being the number one professional network. The platform has now developed indeed further with businesses shifting their budgets to LinkedIn’s advertising tools.

Are you a nonbeliever? The following information just may convert you too,

  • 560 million professional LinkedIn users
  • Accurate interest-targeted ads
  • Unique audience creation
  • Increase in CTR, not only just brand awareness
  • A helpful Ads support team, we all know how rare this can be.

If those tips have yet to make you a LinkedIn fan, the following facts might make the decision for you. LinkedIn’s latest approach to their ads seems to mirror Facebook, which highlights how much Facebook is considered to be a very strong competitor. The latest options on LinkedIn’s advertising platform is the addition of carousel ads, lookalike audiences as well as video sponsored posts. One of the crucial benefits when advertising on LinkedIn, is the capability marketers have to utilize real member-generated demographic data when setting up campaigns.

#4 Last but not least, when it comes to fun advertising who bounds to mind but Snapchat. How much do we all love these fun filters, transforming your frown into an instant smile.

Is Snapchat a worthy platform for your brand? Before hurrying in and decidingbear in mind what product you’re looking to upgrade and the audience you’re looking to target. It’s also significant to keep in mind that Snapchat’s demographics are of the youthful generationthink millennials.

Let’s look at why Snapchat can work in many wonderful ways,

  • Reaching up to 200 million daily active users
  • AR at its finest is available on Snapchat
    Raise brand awareness with Snapchat lenses and let the audience engage with your product through various filters
  • Geotargeted filters
    Depending on your location, a sponsored filter can show up for that specific location or destination
  • Snapchat advertising works best on a B2C perspective, making the user experience unique

If advertising your brand and product may seem like an unachievable challenge, feel free to get in touch today and we’ll help

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