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Quality Content

Most people can post to social media in one way or another. But when it comes to delivering quality content, that’s where many fall down.

There is so much online content and duplicated waffle that to make your company stand out is harder than ever.

Fortunately, the quality of this content is low, so although there
is a lot of noise to break through, the level is not high.

If you’re not getting engagement in terms of Comments, Shares or Likes then it’s likely your content is of low quality and you are not investing a bit of time engaging with others yourself.

Doing things differently

When it comes to  YOUR BUSINESS’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages, we recommend an approach that is quite different to what most others do, namely:

  • Minimal but regular Posts
  • Made to measure cover image with text
  • Made to measure profile picture
  • Well thought through USP based page descriptions
  • Up to date URL links
  • Daily posts or more
  • Originally produced content with imagery

We’ll explain why and also address your concerns over your limited followers.

Relax. We have you covered.

Strategy that works

Elevating your Social Profile

You could benefit from a finely tuned social media programme called ‘Your Social Media’. It’s designed to encourage Followers, get you Comments and Likes as well as building your reputation online.  This is how you receive sales enquiries through social media.

The programme is designed to position you as an expert.
If there is genuinely nothing to work with, and we feel positioning you as an expert is unethical, we’ll say so at the start and you don’t pay a penny.

Free preview tip!

The best social media content is video.
Not only does Google own Youtube and heavily prioritises its content, but video content gets over 50% more engagement than static images.

Anyone can shoot decent quality video on their smartphones these days so start experimenting!

We’d love to get started and have you onboard as a client.

We’re ready to go, are you?