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WhizFortune is a creative video agency focused on helping you win new customers, attract top talent and build an audience that cares about what you say.

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Short Promo Video

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  • 10-15 seconds video
  • Licensed graphic and music files used
  • Customized for YouTube

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  • 30-45 seconds video
  • Licensed graphic and music files used
  • Customized for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram
  • Customized for Video Ads
  • With Voice over

Whizfortune is a full-service media production agency specialising in the production of business/corporate videos, presentations and graphic design. Our tailored services are delivered by a highly experienced and qualified team, offering our clients everything they need to successfully position their brand in today’s market.

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Sit back and relax. We deliver a full-service video production experience.

We’ve helped companies like yours win new customers, attract top talent and build enduring connections with videos.

  • A deep dive into your business. History, competition, audience and unique business challenges to solve.
  • We handle the entire post-production process from editing to vfx, sound mix, colour grade and music licensing.
  • We help you develop and execute a distribution strategy to make sure the right people are watching your videos.

Explain what you do … in seconds

Because your time is valuable!

Are you having trouble simplifying your message and explaining who you are and why you’re different? Or do you need a way to make a boring product or service engaging?

It’s easy to get lost in your own product or marketing, and lose track of how to communicate what you do with your audience in a way that’s engaging. A good explainer video will help you to:

  • Bring your product to life and connect emotionally with viewers
  • Tell your story in a way that’s easy to remember
  • Explain complex concepts to customers in a simple and effective way
  • Come across as compelling and resourced in order to build credibility with prospects
  • Convey your value proposition quickly and clearly
  • Stand out from the competition with a video that explains what you do

Benefits of Videos for Business

Developing a strong video marketing strategy is critical for any business. Since this is a well researched field, let’s take a look at some of the proven benefits of video marketing for businesses.

01. Speak Their Language
Using video for marketing means that you’ll communicate with your potential customers in the language they respond to best. Research conducted by Hubspot found that 72% of people say they’d prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a video than by reading text.
02. Reach More People
According to Cisco, videos will account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2020. With such a high percentage of people preferring video, taking the plunge into video marketing right now means that you’re bound to reach the majority of your target customers.
03. Close Deals
When it comes to actually buying a product, the Video in Business Benchmark Report 2018 reveals that a whopping 90% of customers say that product videos help them make buying decisions, and 64% say that watching a video makes them more likely to buy.
04. Increase Revenue
Another of the benefits of video marketing for business is simply more money in the bank. The Aberdeen Group has found that marketers who use video grow company revenue 49% faster each year than companies who aren’t using video for marketing.
05. Drive Traffic
By now, we all know how important traffic is to our online presence. Well, according to the Aberdeen Group, another benefit of using video for marketing is that video users enjoy 41% more web traffic from searches than marketers who don’t use video.

These are just a few of the tangible and proven benefits of using video marketing for business. As more and more people turn to online video for entertainment, information, inspiration, and advice, it’s increasingly important for you to keep on top of evolving trends in video marketing so that your business can stay relevant and reap the benefits you deserve.

Successful video marketing begins with a sound strategy. Discover with us how to captivate audiences and drive action through your video content.