Website Design and Development

With businesses having varied needs and marketing objectives, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it involves creating the best web platform to support the expansion of your business. that’s why we are chosen by many established businesses to style and develop bespoke websites. We create websites and apps with Agile methodology and a devoted project management approach. this permits businesses to deploy and test smaller modules of a bigger development and implement the system and improve upon it, instead of watching for a protracted period of your time to form a posh system only to search out that it lacks the scale-ability and adaptableness they have.

Our Core Approach

We start with the fundamentals. We understand the end-user. We create systems that make it simple and straightforward for the end-user to navigate (rather than having to travel through many clicks or undergo many pages to seek out the data they’re looking for). This was the principle adopted by Steve Jobs in revolutionising the mobile industry and that we believe it’s essential to possess a simplified approach to realize great results.

Web Design and Development

What is WordPress?

WordPress is far and away and away from the foremost popular of all the Content Management Systems (CMS) within the world. There are over 75 million websites that use the WordPress platform (which accounts for an enormous chance of total operation). The wonders of using WordPress for your website design is that it’s fully flexible and ready to adapt to suit every possible style of web development that’s required. It also has fantastic SEO features that make sure that it performs well within the eyes of programme algorithms.

Web Design and Development

WordPress Theme
Customisation & Development

Whizfortune may be a Pune based WordPress development agency that will take any theme and customise it to your exact needs. Whether it’s a brand new theme you need, an existing one that needs development, or a totally bespoke design that you simply need building from scratch, Web Choice can love all.

Whizfortune’s WordPress development agency can provide modern web solutions that deliver enhanced usability and cross-platform support. Our focus is on Conversion Rate Optimisation to assure you that a high percentage of the traffic that lands on your website are converted into new clients and customers.

Each and every design that we create looks awesome is fully secure, and reaches as wide an audience as possible. consult with us today about how we will facilitate your together with your modern web solutions and WordPress web designs.

E-Commerce Web Development

Online retail growth is astounding. The number of online buyers universally is estimated to reach 2.14 billion by 2021. Convenience and cost-savings are urging people to take up-commerce, while factors similar to internet speed and lower-priced smartphones are smoothing this procedure. Having your own e-commerce website brings you a wealth of chances and Whizfortune can help you with your e-commerce website development.

End-to-end Woocommerce systems

Our experienced web designers and developers create an end-to-end e-Commerce system. Our focus is on communication, automation of workflow, management of economic transactions, usability management, content management, pushcart application and payment gateway integration. Our design & development supply includes:

– Modern, Fresh, Web Design Services.

– Stunning landing page designs

– Email campaign design & Implementation.

– Responsive web design for mobile happy sites.

– Hosting services & domain name registrations

– Search engine optimisation services